Upcoming/Uniform Mesh extensibility with custom edgehancers

Q3 2024

Uniform Mesh extensibility with custom edgehancers
Uniform Mesh extensibility with custom edgehancers

This update ushers in a third generation of Uniform Mesh capability, which allows aggregating content for compositions and entries from external sources at the edge and delivering the resulting content in milliseconds. Uniform Mesh previously allowed building custom integrations, and this upcoming capability adds a new mechanism allowing extending your custom integrations with 100% custom code that runs on Uniform's edge infrastructure.

Building integrations for Uniform Mesh is truly limitless now, developers are able to handle bespoke business logic and advanced scenarios by deploying their JavaScript code that handles the edgehancing lifecycle the way they need to.

Learn more about this capability here.

This capability is currently in developer preview, reach out to us to get it enabled on your Uniform project.