Upcoming/Managing localization at an enterprise scale

Late June 2024

Managing localization at an enterprise scale

Managing and working with a large number of locales in your Uniform project will become more streamlined.

Grouping and tagging of locales

Managing locales for specific markets or regions can be difficult. However, upcoming enhancements will make grouping and sorting locales easier, providing a clearer view. Additionally, you'll have the option to tag related locales for bulk actions, like sharing translations across all locales using the same language or to localize content for a specific region.

Bulk selection and actions across locales

Additionally, both locale groups and tags can be used to perform various bulk operations such as:

  • Enable multiple locales simultaneously for a composition or entry
  • Copy translations across multiple locales by group or tag. This action can be applied at different levels of detail: for a single parameter, a single component, a tree of components, or the entire composition.
  • Simplified bulk selection of locales by group or tag for entry search