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Configuration app

A custom integration for Uniform enables you to extend the Uniform dashboard to allow Canvas users to interact with external systems. You build a custom user interface that is incorporated into the dashboard using an iframe. This means a custom integration needs a web application that the iframe can point to. This web app is called the configuration app

When you build a custom integration, you build this web application. The web app does the following:

  • Provides the user interface that is incorporated into the Uniform dashboard.
  • Implements logic to interact with an external system.
  • Implements logic to save values that are selected to Uniform.
The dotted border indicates where the iframe is located.


You can use whatever front-end technology to build this web app. Uniform provides SDKs for popular frameworks, so it will be easier to build the web app using one of these, but this is not a requirements. This section covers topics that pertain to specific front-ends.


The following requirements apply for the configuration app:

  1. ES modules support must be enabled.


Where this web app runs is up to you. The Uniform dashboard uses an iframe to include the web app when needed. The only requirement is that your Canvas users can access the web app. This web app can run on an internal network as long as Canvas users can reach the network.