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Enhancers are a fundamental part of the toolkit of a developer using Uniform. They provide a standardized way to retrieve additional information from an external system.

When a Canvas user edits a parameter that references data outside of Uniform, the user is selecting a value that uniquely identifies data in the external system. That identifier is the only thing Uniform stores. It is the front-end developer's responsibility to use that identifier to retrieve all of the data from the external system.

Enhancers handle the work of retrieving data from the external system. This means the front-end developer doesn't have to use the external system API directly. The front-end developer uses an enhancer that was designed for the particular external system.

When you develop a custom integration, you must provide enhancers for other developers. This section describes what developers will expect from your custom integration so you can make it as easy as possible for those developers to be productive with your custom integration.