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React Analytics Configuration

Optimize Deprecation

Uniform Optimize has been deprecated and replaced by Context, a more powerful and flexible personalization solution. Optimize is not being discontinued at this time, but it will not receive updates or new features.

We do not recommend starting a new project with Optimize. If you have an existing project that uses Optimize, you can upgrade your project to Context at no cost using our upgrade guide. If you have any issues with this process you can contact our team.

After you have enabled the analytics plugin on the tracker, per the Enabling Analytics on Optimize Tracker guide, you can push personalization events from the <Personalize /> component that will describe the personalizations that are taking place.

To enable this functionality on a component, we need to set the trackingEventName property on the component, for example:

<Personalize variations={variations} trackingEventName="heroPersonalized" />

When personalization is executed, an analytics event is sent with heroPersonalized as the label and metadata that occurred.