Shipped/Entry Patterns - multi-source unified content modeling

May 9, 2024

Entry Patterns - multi-source unified content modeling

With this update, Uniform's built-in CMS—built to allow for unified content modeling on top of any external content source—is becoming more powerful. You can now configure "templates" for your content entries, allowing you to pre-connect your unified content model to any source—PIM, a commerce catalog, a legacy CMS, or any API.

Imagine the power of a multi-source content model built visually, allowing you to connect any number of content sources within a single model. For example, a complex Product model built composable can draw content from many content sources—product meta-data, images, pricing, availability, and recommendations—all coming from different sources.

Entry patterns, is our latest new CMS capability that simplifies this complexity for marketers, merchandisers, and developers, allowing them to create a new entry from multiple sources in a couple of clicks.

To learn more about entry patterns please check out our documentation.