Get started with Uniform

Uniform offers a variety of paths for exploring at your own pace. If you're new to Uniform and Digital Experience Composition Platforms (DXCP), the best way to start is to request a demo. Complete the form, pick the date and time that works for you, and the team will walk you through Uniform's composition, personalization, and integration tools.


You must have access to a Uniform team with the ability to create new projects.

If you don't already have one, you can request access here: https://uniform.dev/try.

The fastest way to spin up a new project is with a starter. This is the best for those who learn by doing. With a starter you will:

  • Use the Uniform CLI to create a new Uniform project
  • Create API keys to connect to your project
  • Get a feel of how Uniform works using Canvas
  • Play with personalization and A/B testing using Context
  • Modify the code and content as you see it.

Each starter automatically connects the local codebase to the Uniform app and comes with live preview and in-line editing enabled.

Component Starter Kit

A set of modern, theme-able components to learn about Uniform the quickest way possible.

Hello World Starter

A plain starter with just the essentials, with two components and one composition.

Commerce Starter

A modern e-commerce site with a product catalog, cart functionality, and personalization.

In addition to the starters above, Uniform offers more open-sourced examples on GitHub. These include starters for Algolia, Gatsby5, Sitecore, as well as edge-side personalization with various CDNs.

If you're looking for a more in-depth walk through to learn more nuances of the way Uniform works, tutorials are for you.

Next.js Canvas tutorial

A composable, Next.js app.

Nuxt Canvas tutorial

A composable app with Nuxt 3.

Custom mesh app

Extend Uniform integrations and interfaces.

Contentful + Personalization

Learn how to add personalization to Contentful.

Contentstack + Personalization

Learn how to add personalization to Contentstack.