Learn Uniform's approach

To deliver omnichannel experiences as fast as possible, you need a marketer-first solution that restores marketing autonomy in producing and launching experiences, and offers quick access to key tools inside a visual interface.

Putting visual tools first helps teams:

  • Launch faster by removing code from the campaign workflow
  • Create and experiment within defined brand guidelines.
  • Focus on what they want customers to experience rather than how it would be delivered.

The Learn section of Uniform's platform documentation provides greater depth to the "how-to" provided in the Guides section. Here you'll find:

Core concepts

Information on how Uniform approaches digital experience composition.

Developer tutorials

Walk through different ways to set up basic applications using Uniform.

Marketer tutorials

Tutorials for marketers and other business users on how to use Uniform to build and manage digital experiences.

Headless CMS tutorials

Walk through different ways to set up headless CMS marketplace apps using Uniform.


Learn what makes up the Uniform platform.