Uniform provides and maintains connectors to leading commerce and marketing systems. But more important than the connectors themselves is the underlying integration framework. Once you connect a system to Uniform, the system is automatically connected to all the other systems in your stack. No more point-to-point connections.


CDNs and cloud storage networks.


Headless commerce and product information management (PIM).


Headless and monolithic content management systems (CMS) and digital asset management (DAM) systems.

Customer data & Analytics

Customer data platforms (CDP), account-based marketing (ABM), and data analytics systems.


Search platforms.

The Uniform mesh framework is the foundation of our integrations, extending the Uniform UI and interacting with Canvas & the Uniform authoring experience.

It includes the integrations in our platform that users interact with, as well as the underlying SDKs and APIs that allow data to be manipulated and channeled towards various compositions and components, which will in-turn be consumed by the front-end application.

This section provides detailed information how the various connectors available for Uniform. Use this section to learn:

  • What features an integration supports
  • How to configure an integration
  • How to incorporate an integration into your application