Shipped/Regular release update April 2nd, 2024

April 2, 2024

Regular release update April 2nd, 2024


  • a new package 19.132.0 was released with not breaking changes

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Add visual differentiation for patterns vs components
  • Add localizable icon to custom parameters
  • Adding content list data resource with single allowed type
  • Add default hide locked components for children of pattern
  • Link parameters no longer cause errors if saved with no changes
  • Make unlink pattern a proper modal and update content
  • Remove slowness when switching between lots of locales
  • Do not error on loading custom integrations list
  • Use base text colour for all callouts body text
  • Do not show "Convert to pattern" if the node is already a pattern
  • Allow long data source names up to the API stated limit
  • Allow switching between variables under edit
  • Don't throw if a redirect is pushed with bad data
  • Purge redirect route cache on update not just insert
  • Pulled getServerConfig into core rsc package to avoid it being pulled into client side bundle, added withUniformConfig to mesh experiment
Bug FixesImprovements