Shipped/Regular release update Jan 25th 2024

January 25, 2024

Regular release update Jan 25th 2024


  • A new package 19.102.0 is out with not breaking changes
  • @uniformdev/canvas-next: add default modifyPath callback for i18n support, see examples in our new localization starter for Next.js here.

Mesh Integrations

Updated integrations for Contentful, Contentstack, commercetools and Kontent.AI with the following improvements:

  • Automatic locale binding, if your project have dynamic locales enabled
  • Regressions of backward compatibility and explicit static locale usage fixes
  • Refactoring of Object Search components usage

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Mesh: allow number fields to be bound to string values
  • Project Map bugfix method Route.match should ignore trailing slashes.
  • UI: entries and compositions filters no longer reset or have a delayed typing within the search term
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