Unknown Component

Received request from Uniform to render a component with the public ID: _empty_composition_type.

<UniformComposition /> does not have _empty_composition_type mapped to a React component yet.

To teach your app how to render this component:

  • Create a React component and register it with Uniform, for example
    function _empty_composition_type() {
      return (
    registerUniformComponent({ type: "_empty_composition_type", component: _empty_composition_type })
    Props that your React component will receive
      "component": {
        "_id": "_empty_composition_id",
        "_name": "An empty composition used for contextual editing",
        "type": "_empty_composition_type"
  • Import the component into the file where <UniformComposition /> is defined, for example
    import "../components/_empty_composition_type.tsx"

Need more help? Check out the documentation.