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One of the biggest challenges when building a composable tech stack is connecting all of the systems in the stack. Even if all the systems in your tech stack are described as composable, someone still has to connect those systems. Integration is never easy when you have to do it yourself. Maintaining an integration is even harder.

Even if there are pre-built connectors for some of the systems in your stack, those are point-to-point connectors. Connecting systems in this way creates a tight coupling between the systems. This undermines one of the most appealing benefits of composability: the ability to add and remove systems from a tech stack easily. In addition, introducing a new system to your stack requires that system be connected individually to each and every other system.

Uniform provides and maintains connectors to leading commerce and marketing systems. But more important than the connectors themselves is the underlying integration framework. Once you connect a system to Uniform, the system is automatically connected to all of the other systems in your stack. No more point-to-point connections.

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