Single sign-on integrations

Single sign-on integrations allow you to enable users to log into Uniform using your preferred authentication service, such as Auth0 and Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directly).

Since these integrations require configuration in Uniform itself, setting up SSO requires you provide the team at Uniform with the following information:

Connection nameThis is a unique identifier that you and Uniform should agree on.
Sign in URLThis is generated by the SSO provider.
x509 signing certificateSAMLP server public key encoded in .pem or .cer format.
Email domains to be handledThe domains for the email addresses that will be used to log into Uniform. This is the value after the @ in your email address.

In addition, Uniform expects the name assertion from this for a SAML connection - and that the rest of these assertions can/should be used to push user metadata into our system.

{ "user_id": [ "", "", ""], "email": "", "name": "" }