Shipped/Advanced search & filtering for entries

May 15, 2024

Advanced search & filtering for entries

We've rolled out some fantastic enhancements to the Uniform visual workspace and CMS, designed to streamline how you can easily discover and query for entries.

Here's what's new:

  • Flexible and fast content discovery: Finding and managing entries just got easier and faster. Our improved search, filtering, and sorting options help you locate and manage entries with speed and precision.
  • Powerful search, filter and sorting capabilities: You can now filter entries based on custom fields, entry metadata, and conduct full-text searches. A wide range of search operators make it easy to find exactly the content you need. Also we expanded the range of sorting options that are available.
  • Intuitive search interface: Our redesigned search UI offers greater flexibility, making it a breeze to build complex search queries using multiple conditions and combining it with full text search with full control on sorting.
  • Improved listing of entries: Select from three different list view modes (List, Large List, Grid) to tailor your browsing experience according to your preferences. Choose from text-only compact lists to visually engaging card views presented in a grid format for your entries.
  • Filter by locales: Keep tabs on localization status of entries. Now you can quickly identify translated content and track missing translations, simplifying your localization management.
  • Enhanced querying flexibility: Seamlessly integrate entries into various contexts with enhanced querying capabilities. Whether you're consuming entries with compositions or component patterns, or leveraging Uniform APIs or Canvas SDK, you now have more flexibility to discover and query entries than ever before.

And this is just the beginning! In the next months we plan to expand these search capabilities also to other parts of the Uniform visual workspace and allow searching on values from external data sources. Stay tuned for future announcements!

Upgrade might be necessary: If your Uniform project was created before April 2024 you will need to activate the new search experience for your project - this is a one-time, optional and risk-free task.