Shipped/Error handling & path editor for dynamic tokens

June 6, 2024

Error handling & path editor for dynamic tokens

Uniform excels at integrating data from external sources in a granular way by enabling you to insert dynamic tokens into parameters and fields. However, sometimes not all data is available, making it challenging for content architects to connect to data elements and for developers to distinguish between optional and required data in their applications.

To address these issues, two highly anticipated enhancements have been added to dynamic tokens:

Error Handling: This feature helps manage the impact of missing data for a dynamic token on page rendering. It also allows setting an error level for the Canvas editor and API. Moreover, you can delete an optional dynamic token within a parameter, remove the entire parameter value or component, or set a fallback default value if data is missing. If crucial data from external sources cannot be resolved, you can return a "Page not Found - 404" error. This feature simplifies, or may even eliminate, the need for error handling in dynamic pages or similar scenarios in your application code.

Path Editor: This feature facilitates the manual editing of the path to a data element in a dynamic token. It is particularly useful when setting up a loop component or dynamic composition where the data resource doesn't contain all the required data elements for placing dynamic tokens. In such a case, you can manually set the desired path even if the value is not present in the current data resource.

To get started, please refer to our documentation.