Getting started with simple personalization

Personalization is about optimizing the experience for your customers based on their in-the-moment intent.

No one comes to your site by accident but has a specific purpose, which might be better to understand details about a specific product or service. They could also be a business partner, looking for more information about the company or a potential job candidate, investor, etc.

The better you can tailor the experience, the more likely you are to better engage with the visitor and help them complete their task.

Using Uniform, there are many ways to personalize the experience; in this recipe, we’ll dive into some of the easiest ways of getting going with personalization, using signals in Uniform.

A signal can be used to trigger specific personalization on a component. A signal can be:

  • Which marketing campaign that brought the visitor to the site
  • Location of the visitor
  • Landing page
  • A specific event, add to basket, sign up for a newsletter etc.
  • Data from other systems, e.g. audience segment, customer type etc.

First, let’s take a look at how you create a new signal for personalization in Uniform.

New signals can be created in the Uniform Visual Workspace.

Once you have created the signal and it’s published, there are two ways to use it:

  1. Uniform Visual Workspace
  2. Headless CMS where the mapping for personalization is handled in another system
Signal-based personalization can be configured in the Uniform Visual Workspace.

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