Shipped/A fresh look and improved management for Patterns

May 9, 2024

A fresh look and improved management for Patterns
A fresh look and improved management for Patterns

We're introducing some exciting changes to enhance how you work with patterns Uniform! Here's what's new:

Renaming Patterns to Component Patterns: To avoid any confusion with our latest addition, Entry patterns, we've updated the terminology. What were formerly known as "Patterns" are now referred to as "Component Patterns".

Visual Enhancements: We've revamped how Component Patterns are presented in Uniform's visual workspace. Now, you'll notice:

  • Clear identification: Special indicators in the structure panel and component highlighter make instances of Component Patterns easy to spot, enabling you to take pattern-specific actions with ease.
  • Fresh Icons: We've introduced new icons for both Component Patterns and Entry Patterns

Enhanced discovery and management of Component Patterns: Introducing the Component Pattern Library, your centralized hub for effortlessly accessing and visually exploring all Component Patterns within your project.

Documentation Revamp: Alongside these changes, we've overhauled our Pattern documentation. Now, it delves deeper into various aspects such as use cases, pattern overrides, and best practices, empowering you to leverage Component patterns to their fullest potential.