Shipped/Slot Sections for Component Patterns

May 9, 2024

Slot Sections for Component Patterns

The Component Patterns feature one of the key capabilities of Uniform visual workspace.

Before this change, users were unable to add additional child components to a slot within an instance of a Component Pattern.

With this update, Component Patterns are receiving a significant enhancement - the introduction of Slot Sections.

This feature allows users to define special areas - so called Slot Sections - within slots of Component Patterns, with the option to specify constraints on the type and quantity of components that can be placed within them. This empowers the creation of reusable container components, greatly enhancing flexibility for Component Patterns.

Want to include additional buttons or links as CTAs within a Hero component, or incorporate other components within it? Slot Sections make it effortless. With this update, assembling components from atomic elements and authoring new ones is now easier than ever, all without the need for coding.

Learn more about Slot Sections in our documentation