How to setup email notifications for workflow

You may want to send email notifications when an item in a workflow stage requires an action from a reviewer. Uniform provides webhooks, where you can subscribe to the 'workflow.transition' event. It looks something like this:

Webhook configuration example

There are services which provide API to send emails via HTTP requests. This examples is based on because it has a free tier, but you are welcome to use any other services.

  1. Create a webhook subscribed to the workflow.transition event and pointing to the email API, e.g.
  2. You may need to authenticate your requests, for example via creating the API token and setting the needed Authorization header in the Custom Headers webhook section.
  3. Enable the webhook transformation and add a code like the one below. You need it to compose and proper email with all the details about the person triggering the workflow, stage and a link to open the content right from the email. This data is available in the webhook payload.

This is a sample code

This is a sample code, which may not cover all scenarios. Feel free to add more logic according to the specifics of the email sending service.

/** * @param webhook the webhook object * @param webhook.method destination method. Allowed values: "POST", "PUT" * @param webhook.url current destination address * @param.webhook.eventType current webhook Event Type * @param webhook.payload JSON payload * @param.webhook.cancel whether to cancel dispatch of the given webhook */ function handler(webhook) { webhook.method = 'POST' const subject = `Workflow notification from Uniform project` const initiatorName = webhook?.payload?.initiator?.name ?? 'Someone' // this line of code consider the name of the workflow stage const isApproved = webhook?.payload?.newStage?.stageName?.includes('Approved') ?? false const html = isApproved ? `Hi, <br /> There is a workflow notification from Uniform project<br /> ${initiatorName} has approved the ${webhook?.payload?.entity?.type} in : <br /> <a href="${webhook?.payload?.entity?.url}">${webhook?.payload?.entity?.name}</a> ` : `Hi, <br /> There is a workflow notification from Uniform project<br /> ${initiatorName} has requested approval for the ${webhook?.payload?.entity?.type} below: <br /> <a href="${webhook?.payload?.entity?.url}">${webhook?.payload?.entity?.name}</a> ` webhook.payload = { from: { email: '', name: 'MailerSend', }, to: [ { email: '', name: 'John', }, ], subject: subject, html: html, personalization: [ { email: '', data: { company: 'MailerSend', }, }, ], } // and return it return webhook }