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A/B testing

There are different kinds of changes you can make during your production process, like changes to content, layout, design, and more. A/B tests allow you to expose some users to these changes, while exposing other users to the unchanged, original experience. Based on how users engage with the experiences, you can determineif you want to roll the changes out to the rest of the users, or if the original experience performs better.

Uniform gives you the ability to create and control all aspects of A/B tests so you can iterate faster during your digial production process.


For information on how to use A/B testing, see the A/B testing guide.

How A/B testing works

A test placement in Uniform is a list of variants that can be selected to be shown to the visitor. Each variant can have specific distribution that allows you to determine what percentage of visitors will see this variant.

To select a test variant, Uniform generates a random number between 0 and 100. This random number determines which variant is shown.

For example:

VariantDistributionNumber range
Variant A50%0 - 50
Variant B40%50 - 90
Variant C10%90 - 100

Uniform matches the random number with the corresponding range for the variant. If the number generated was 40, the visitor would see Variant A.

Measuring effectiveness

Any effective testing strategy must be measured to make sure it is having a positive effect. To enable this, Uniform enables you to connect its test results to any analytics tool available. Each test placement has a name which is sent to any connected analytics along with the variant that was selected. The resulting data can then be analyzed and reported on in any way the analytics tool allows.

Inside of the Uniform Testing dashboard, you are able to connect the Google Analytics integration and view reporting associated with the test.

Uniform ships with a connector for Google Analytics v4 (gtag), and a generic event-handling interface that adapts to any tool with minimal code.

Choosing a winner

Once a test has been completed, a winning variant is able to be declared using the Uniform Testing dashboard. Once a winner is declared and has been republished in the dashboard, only the winning variant will be shown to every visitor on the site even if they’ve previously seen a different variant in the past.

Completed tests should periodically be removed with the winning variant directly to avoid building up a large amount of completed tests across the site.

Use cases


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