Core concepts

Digital experience composition#

Uniform is a Digital Experience Composition (DXC) solution. The purpose of a DXC platform is to be a system of engagement and enable digital teams to easily manage the connections of underlying SaaS sources of content and customer data while enabling the business to effectively assemble and re-use these content sources to drive customer experiences.

"Composable" can be hard. A variety of systems need to come together, often integration code is tightly aligned with each system, marketers can't make changes without help from developers, each channel adds complexity, bottlenecks appear across all teams. A well-architected DXC delivers modern experiences built for speed, team empowerment and value.

Digital experience composition empowers:

  • Developers to manage the digital experience architecture
  • Business users to build and manage digital experiences using no-code tools

Uniform extends the composable paradigm to:

  • Provide business users composition tools without needing a developer
  • Minimize API learning curves
  • Offer optimal performance and scalability through edge technology
  • Enable dynamic, personalized experience optimization

A DXC consists of three significant functional capabilities:

  • Composable API Orchestration (connecting to underlying systems of record for content and data)
  • Experience building such as a visual means for the creation and assembly of content and components
  • Front-end Orchestration (facilitating content operations and application deployment for your front-end development process)