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This integration allows business users to configure and use prompts to generate text for use in Uniform compositions and content entries.

Adding the OpenAI integration to your Uniform project adds new parameter types that you can add prompts to your Uniform project.

  1. In Uniform, open your project.

  2. Navigate to the Integrations tab.

  3. Scroll to the section Browse Integrations.

  4. Click Writer.

  5. Click Add to project.

  6. Enter the required values.

    Uniform settingValue
    API keyYour Writer API key.
  7. Click Save.

After you add the Uniform integration, a number of built-in prompts are available.

Where are the prompts?

You can find prompts in the section Settings > Prompts.


Built-in prompts can't be edited so that Uniform can actively manage and update prompts based on customer feedback. You can replace built-in prompts with custom ones by duplicating and disabling the original ones.

Generates marketing copy from the content on a URL. The following variables provide the user with control over the content that is generated.

URLThe URL whose content is used as the source for the generated text.