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Setup Uniform project


In Uniform, most of the settings that control layout for your web application are set and stored in a project. In order to configure these things, you need a project. This involves the following:

  • Understand what a Uniform project is.
  • Create a new Uniform project using the Uniform dashboard.
  • Understand what a Uniform API key is.
  • Create a new Uniform API key.

Create project

Projects are created and configured using the Uniform dashboard.

  1. Log into the Uniform dashboard at

  2. Create the following project:

    • Project name: Intro to Context Tutorial
  3. The project dashboard page is displayed.

    Uniform project dashboard

Add API key

Your web application will need to read data & settings from the Uniform project. This requires a valid API key be assigned to the project, and for the right permissions assigned to the key.

  1. In the Uniform team home page, navigate to Security > API Keys.

  2. Add the following API key:

    • Name: Intro to Context Tutorial key
    • Project: Intro to Context Tutorial
  3. In the section Uniform Context, select the following permissions:

    Read Drafts
    Manifest > Read
  4. Click Set Permissions.

  5. Click Create API Key.

  6. Two values are displayed: the API key and the project ID. Copy both of these values. You will need them later.


    This is the only time the API key will be displayed. If you lose the value you will need to create a new one.