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Project Maps

Digital Experience Composition (DXC) Catalyst Customers Only

This feature is currently only available through our Digital Experience Composition (DXC) Catalyst Customer Success program. If you're interested in joining this program, please reach out to your Uniform contact or email us at

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Composable architectures often focus on freeing developers from monolithic platforms, leaving behind features that matter to business users, such as:

  • URL management, and how nested URLs are generated, accessed, maintained, and resolved
  • Deriving navigation and menus from content trees
  • Generation of sitemap.xml files for search engines

To better support composable architectures that include large-scale web properties or experiences with hierarchical content, Uniform includes project map management in Canvas.

Project maps can transform how to work with composable at scale, without compromising any of the underlying tools. Business users get a familiar interface to visualize a digital experience and locate their work, letting them own what matters to them This is especially true at enterprise scale, where the lack of headless tools with structure has been a major barrier to adoption and effective implementation.