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What is Uniform Optimize?

Optimize Deprecation

Uniform Optimize has been deprecated and replaced by Context, a more powerful and flexible personalization solution. Optimize is not being discontinued at this time, but it will not receive updates or new features.

We do not recommend starting a new project with Optimize. If you have an existing project that uses Optimize, you can upgrade your project to Context at no cost using our upgrade guide. If you have any issues with this process you can contact our team.

Simplifying Personalization

The philosophy behind Uniform Optimize is based on this simple paradigm:

Visitors to your site have an intent, something they want to accomplish. A reason for their visit.

Personalization aims to make it as easy as possible for the visitor to accomplish their intent. With Uniform, you can build up a real-time intent profile of every visitor and use this profile to make personalization decisions.


We identify a visitor's intent by signals that they send. Signals cause a change of the visitor's score in a specific intent:

  • Behavior showing specific content.
  • Values from cookies.
  • Marketing campaigns that bring the visitor to your site.


Uniform allows you to set a strength to control each signal's intent score change. Some signals indicate a stronger intent than others:

  • Passive signals (weak): Classification from a Customer Data Platform (CDP).
  • Implicit signals (weak): Consuming content on a specific topic that shows intent.
  • Explicit signals (strong): Visitor self-identifies interest.


Want to see how you can use Uniform Optimize to get started with personalization? Check out Five Personalization Tactics for Your Contentful Site.