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What is Uniform Optimize?

Simplifying Personalization

The philosophy behind Uniform Optimize is based on this simple paradigm:

Visitors to your site have an intent, something they want to accomplish. A reason for their visit.

Personalization aims to make it as easy as possible for the visitor to accomplish their intent. With Uniform, you can build up a real-time intent profile of every visitor and use this profile to make personalization decisions.


We identify a visitor's intent by signals that they send. Signals cause a change of the visitor's score in a specific intent:

  • Behavior showing specific content.
  • Values from cookies.
  • Marketing campaigns that bring the visitor to your site.


Uniform allows you to set a strength to control each signal's intent score change. Some signals indicate a stronger intent than others:

  • Passive signals (weak): Classification from a Customer Data Platform (CDP).
  • Implicit signals (weak): Consuming content on a specific topic that shows intent.
  • Explicit signals (strong): Visitor self-identifies interest.


Want to see how you can use Uniform Optimize to get started with personalization? Check out Five Personalization Tactics for Your Contentful Site.