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If you haven't already done so, you should read the TL;DR section on the Getting started page. This provides a summary of the fundamental value Uniform provides.

Uniform enables you to build composable system without having to do all the integration yourself. But a composable system is more than a collection of tools. It's a whole that should be greater than the sum of its parts.

Uniform's capabilities can be divided into the following categories. Uniform is designed to be adopted incrementally, so it is common for people to start with one or two of these capabilities, and then add more over time:

A/B testingTools to test changes to content and presentation across multiple channels.
AutomationFeatures that simplify the steps involved in managing a composable architecture and the various parts of the digital production process.
ClassificationFeatures that enable you to define and track visitor activity in order understand interests and intent.
CompositionLayout management for omnichannel digital experiences with a composable architecture.
IntegrationPre-built connectors for the systems that make up your composable architecture.
OrchestrationEngine that coordinates activity across the systems that make up your composable architecture.
PersonalizationTools to define and deliver personalized experiences at scale and with the fastest possible performance.