Algolia demo page

This composition component was built to show how the Algolia components come together to build an experience leveraging Algolia data. To manage the attributes of the composition component, visit the component library.

The Algolia Demo Page comes with:


  • Meta title: This setting acts as the meta title when the composition is rendered as a web page.


  • Providers: The Providers slot allows the Algolia Instant Search component to be added into the composition. Additional components can be configured to appear in the slot.

There are no default settings for:

  • Variants
  • Slug Settings
  • Composition Defaults

Learn more about configuring components.

When you add the Algolia Demo Page as a composition, once it's named you will add a slug: a plain-language identifier, like a URL segment. You will also see an area to add elements. The component configuration adds a slot called "Providers." In this slot you can add an instant search component.

The instant search component configuration adds its own slot called "widgets." This slot is configured by default to allow these components:

Each of these components have their own configurations of slots and parameters by default. Visit each component page to learn more.