The Uniform DXCP makes headless and composable technologies work for business and technical teams by accelerating delivery, innovation, and agility across the organization.

With Uniform, you can accelerate time to market and eliminate costly glue code as you bring together headless CMS, commerce, front-end frameworks, and deliver higher ROI as you turn headless and legacy stacks into a seamless end-to-end digital delivery pipeline.

Overcome the limitations of composable stacks by:

  • Adding composable orchestration to make integrating headless APIs easy
  • Giving business users full control over building and launching digital experiences with a no-code experience builder
  • Delivering personalized, omni-channel experiences at the edge for higher conversion, improved search engine rankings and better customer experience.

Uniform's capabilities can be divided into the following categories. Uniform is designed to be adopted incrementally, so it's common for people to start with one or two of these capabilities, and then add more over time:

Avoid complicated "glue code" to connect each headless service. Uniform provides a composable orchestration layer for headless APIs, eliminating custom code for integrations. With modular experience stacks teams can be more agile and develop experiences faster. Let your developers focus on value-add features instead of maintaining integration code.

With Uniform marketers, merchandisers, and content teams can create engaging experiences leveraging content from multiple sources with front-end components, forms, and live preview without a developer.

Omni-channel personalization with Uniform lets marketers optimize experiences for user experience, SEO, and increased engagement. Edge-side execution creates a real-time intent profile for every visitor without sacrificing speed.

A/B testingTools to test changes to content and presentation across multiple channels.
ClassificationFeatures that enable you to define and track visitor activity in order understand interests and intent.
CompositionLayout management involving components, compositions, and slots for omni-channel digital experiences with a composable architecture.
IntegrationPre-built connectors for the systems that make up your composable architecture.
OrganizationFeatures such as project maps that enable you to arrange and organize the elements of your digital experiences.
PersonalizationTools to define and deliver personalized experiences at scale and with the fastest possible performance.
Automation referencesFeatures like APIs, SDKs, and CLI tools that simplify the steps involved in managing a composable architecture and the various parts of the digital production process.