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You can assign enrichments to a composition. The Uniform tracker will automatically apply any enrichments assigned to a composition to the visitor who views the composition.

For example, if you create a composition that represents a landing page for a promotion that targets customers who are at the decision-making stage of their buying journey, and you have an enrichment that tracks the stage a customer is in, you might want to increase the enrichment value that indicates the "decision-making stage". You can assign instructions on the composition that tell the tracker to do this.


For background information about what enrichments are and examples of how they are used, see the classification capabilities section.

Assign to composition

Before you start

You must have an enrichment defined with at least one value. You must also have a composition defined. For information on how to set these up, see the enrichments guide and the components guide.

  1. In Uniform, open your composition.

  2. From the dropdown Add Tag select the enrichment tag you want to assign to the composition and the strength.

    About this step

    Enrichment tags and "enrichment values" are the same thing.

  3. Set the strength value.

    About this step

    This value is the number of points that the Uniform tracker will add to the visitor's score when the visitor views this composition. The tracker may not add the full value entered here due to the "score cap" setting on the enrichment.

    For example, if the "score cap" is 100 and the strength is set to 75. If the visitor views this composition once, the visitor's score will be 75. If the visitor views it a second time, the score will be 100 (because adding the full 75 points would result in the value exceeding 100).

  4. Click Add.

    About this step

    You can add additional tags if you want to by repeating the previous steps.

  5. Click Save.

    About this step

    You must publish the composition before the tracker will pick up the enrichments. The enrichments themselves must also be published, and a manifest that includes the enrichment must be available to the tracker.

Remove from composition

  1. In Unform, open your composition.

  2. Click the (X) next to the enrichment tag you want to remove.

  3. Click Save.

    About this step

    You must publish the composition before the tracker will pick up the changes.