Visitor dimensions

Classification involves assigning values to visitor dimensions. To design effective dimensions, it's important to consider the goals of the website or application, as well as the types of data that are available or can be collected. Uniform supports a variety of dimensions, each designed to accommodate a specific kind of information.

Uniform offers five dimensions:

SignalsA signal is a set of criteria that define a visitor sending you a signal that they should be classified in a specific way.
IntentsIntents aggregate visitor scores using one or more signals, audiences, or other intents. This defines a likely visitor behavior on your site (for example, “Product Comparison”) which can be used to personalize content
AudiencesAn audience is a major classification of a visitor into an archetype or persona, for example "Developers," "Marketers," or "repeat customers."
EnrichmentsCreate visitor score categories and values that can be increased programmatically or when viewing specific content.
QuirksCreate key-value pairs defined programmatically (e.g via GeoIP data from an edge service) to be available for use in Signals.