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Basic integration with Next.js

This tutorial covers how to build a custom integration for Uniform, and a web app that uses the integration. You will complete the following:

  1. Create a configuration app - This is a web app that extends the Uniform dashboard to incorporate your custom integration.
  2. Register the custom integration - This makes your custom integration available to Canvas users.
  3. Configure Canvas component - This enables editors to add components that use data from an external system.
  4. Create an enhancer - This enables front-end developers to retrieve data from the external system without having to learn the external system's API.
  5. Create a demo app - This is a web app that uses the components and compositions an editor defined in Canvas.

Next steps

We recommend choosing one of the following as your next step:

  • Start the tutorial. This will guide you through the process of implementing an integration, incorporating the integration into a Uniform project, and adding Uniform to a web application, explaining what you are doing as you go along.
  • In case you prefer to learn by looking at a finished solution, we provide a finished version of this tutorial that you can run in your preferred environment.