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Add Uniform integration

Adding the BigCommerce integration to your Uniform project adds new parameter types that you can add to your Uniform Canvas components.

Get connection settings

  1. Log into your BigCommerce store.

    About this step

    You must be the store owner in order to collect the settings that are required.

  2. Navigate to Settings > API accounts.

  3. Click + Create API account.

  4. Enter a name for the API account (e.g. Uniform API account).

  5. In the section OAuth scopes, select Products > read-only.

  6. Click Save.

  7. API credentials will be displayed. Your browser will also download a file with these values. Save the file because you will need it in the next section.

Add integration

  1. In Uniform, open your project.

  2. Navigate to the Integrations tab.

  3. Scroll to the section Browse Integrations.

  4. Click BigCommerce.

  5. Click Add to project.

  6. Enter the required values.

    About this step

    The required values are available in the text file you downloaded when you created the API account:

    Uniform settingValue from text file
    Store HashThe value between stores/ and v3 in API PATH. For example, if the API PATH value is, the store hash is 1a2b3cdefg.
  7. Click Save.

Next steps

Explore the new parameter types that are available when you configure components using Uniform Canvas.