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Add Uniform integration

Adding the Salesforce B2C Commerce integration to your Uniform project adds new parameter types that you can add to your Uniform Canvas components.

Before you start

You must the following available in order to complete this setup:

  • Configuration values for a Salesforce B2C Commerce instance. For more information on how to retrieve these values, see the Salesforce Get Started guide.
  • Uniform account with administrator access. If you do not already have one, you can sign up for a free account at
  1. In Uniform, open your project.

  2. Navigate to the Integrations tab.

  3. Scroll to the section Browse Integrations.

  4. Click Salesforce Commerce Cloud (B2C).

  5. Click Add to project.

  6. Enter the required fields.

    Client IDValue from Account Manager used to generate an access token.
    Client SecretValue from Account Manager used to generate an access token.
    Organization IDThe organization ID is a short string that identifies a B2C Commerce instance.
    Short CodeThe short code is an eight-character string that is assigned to a realm for routing purposes.
    Site IDThe site ID is the name of the site (sometimes called a "channel") for which you want to access data.
  7. Enter the optional fields, if you plan to use the product recommendations parameter type:

    Einstein Client ID
    Einstein Site ID
  8. Click Save.

Next steps

Explore the new parameter types that are available when you configure components using Uniform Canvas.