Image URL parameter


Please use the asset parameter for new and actively-maintained projects.

For images hosted outside of Uniform, type or paste a URL into the image URL field. If the URL can be rendered in a browser, the parameter will show a preview. Otherwise, a broken image icon displays.

Clicking on the preview will display a larger size image.

Images can be uploaded to Uniform. Drag or select an image from your computer. Once uploaded, the URL can't change. This is to prevent binary image files from being orphaned.


You should only upload a composition-specific image to Uniform with the image URL parameter. Using a digital asset manager, or the Uniform asset library is strongly recommended for images requiring any governance or cross-composition availability.

Uploads are limited to 10MB file size.


Do you need to work with larger file sizes? Uniform wants to hear from you. Please contact your account executive.

You can delete images from a composition, but the binary file may not be deleted immediately so that any published compositions using the image aren't broken. On publish, Uniform checks to see if there are any compositions referencing the image URL. If not, the file will be fully deleted.


For details on adding the image URL parameter to a component, refer to the parameter guide