Manage assets

Modern digital experiences require optimized asset delivery. The Uniform asset library offers convenient access to a common set of assets to drive your experiences. This is a great option if you have more basic needs or haven't yet chosen a DAM to add to your stack.

The asset parameter comes with all the meta data needed to provide an optimized web experience. It's more versatile and powerful than the legacy image URL parameter, which adds a simple image URL for inline linking to a component.

Content and technical architects, or anyone responsible for configuring components can add the asset or image URL parameters to the component definition. Team members responsible for creating and editing compositions will use the asset and image URL parameters, and manage assets in the asset library. Permissions for each group may differ.

The asset parameter supports adding images to a composition from different sources, including the Uniform asset library, data resources, and inline linking. The parameter may be configured to allow for multiple assets to be selected. Each selection includes built-in metadata (for example, a caption).

Component guideAdding an Asset parameter to a component
Using asset parameterGuide to using the asset parameter
Asset libraryManaging assets uploaded to Uniform via the Asset Library
  • Content Types: Formerly called mime-types. The only file types that can be uploaded are: .jpg, .jpeg, .jfif, pjpeg, .pjp, .png, .gif, .svg, .webp, .apng, .avif.
  • File size: 10 MB

This parameter adds inline linking to an image URL in a component. It supports uploading images as channel-specific, composition-specific assets.

Component guideAdding an image URL parameter to a component
Using image URL parameterConsiderations when using the image URL parameter