Redirect wildcards

A wildcard redirect gives site administrators the ability to specify rules for redirecting multiple pages at once.

A wildcard starts with a : and is followed by an alias, such as /products/:productid. Splats are a special type of wildcard defined by ending a source url with /*. The asterisk indicates the splat will match whatever follows after.

Take /products/* for example. This configuration enables a target wildcard :splat which would match /products/electronics/radio. Also, a target of /inventory/:splat would result in /inventory/electronics/radio.

  • A wildcard represents an entire path segment that could be any value
    • /products/:productid would not match /products/electronics/radio because the wildcard :productid can only match a single path segment
  • A wildcard must start at the beginning of a path segment
    • This is valid: /products/:productid
    • This is invalid: /products/prefix:productid
  • To pass the wildcard information along to the target, it must have a matching wildcard
    • This is valid: /products/:productid -> /inventory/:productid
    • This is invalid: /products/:productid -> /inventory/:product because the wildcard names don't match

If you configure a project map node to be dynamic, the path segment is considered a wildcard for redirects. This means it must follow the same rules listed above when using a project map node as a source or target.