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Enabling Optimize on an Existing Contentful Space

Optimize Deprecation

Uniform Optimize has been deprecated and replaced by Context, a more powerful and flexible personalization solution. Optimize is not being discontinued at this time, but it will not receive updates or new features.

We do not recommend starting a new project with Optimize. If you have an existing project that uses Optimize, you can upgrade your project to Context at no cost using our upgrade guide. If you have any issues with this process you can contact our team.

This guide will walk you through adding Uniform Optimize to an existing Contentful space as well as linking the Uniform Optimize Contentful application to your Uniform Optimize project.

Navigate to and create an account if you have not already and accept the Terms of use and Privacy Policy.


Provide a project name that will allow you to identify this project later. Select Create your first intent. This option bypasses the onboarding flow associated with creating a new starter site. This option will also allow the creation of intents for your existing site.


Name and provide a description, optionally, for your first intent.


Click on the project that you just created from the project list.


The first intent that we created during onboarding should be visible when we click through to the project. We will create an API key that we will use to connect Contentful to Uniform Optimize.

  • Click the Create an API key link near the Publish button.
  • Click the (+) button to create a new API key.
  • Give the key a descriptive name, such as 'Contentful'
  • Add permissions to the project that you created previously.
  • Check off the Uniform Optimize > Read Drafts permission. This will let Contentful read un-published intent data that it needs.
  • Click Create, and save the API key and project ID you are shown for later. If you forget the API key value, you will need to delete and re-create the key; it is only shown once.

Once the API Key is added, use the back button to return to your project, then click Publish to publish our first intent.

Contentful App Installation

In a new tab, open the Contentful space you want to enable Uniform Optimize. Next, we will add the Uniform Optimize application - click Apps in the top navigation, then click Manage apps.

./assets/Untitled 5.png

In the list of apps, scroll down until you see Uniform Optimize in the list.

  • Click on it to start the installation process.
  • Click Install
  • Grant the required app permissions by clicking Authorize access
  • The Optimize app configuration page will load.
    • Paste your API key into the Uniform Optimize API Key field.
    • Paste your Project ID into the Uniform Optimize Project ID field.

./assets/Untitled 10.png

Click Install in the top corner to finish the initial installation of Uniform Optimize. That's it! All that is left is configuring content, tagging on fields, and creating list types using the Uniform App.

Remember to click save any time you make changes from the Uniform Optimize Contentful application to finalize the changes.

You also need to Configure the app and enable Intent Tagging on the Content Model to allow personalization.

./assets/Untitled 11.png

./assets/Untitled 12.png