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Contextual editing

Digital Experience Composition (DXC) Catalyst Customers Only

This feature is currently only available through our Digital Experience Composition (DXC) Catalyst Customer Success program. If you're interested in joining this program, please reach out to your Uniform contact or email us at

Keep an eye on our social media and What's New page to be the first to know when this feature is generally available.

Composable architectures need a layer where the systems come together and an experience is built. In Uniform, users can leverage data from integrated systems to create compositions. These compositions can be created, edited, and published from our contextual editor, so that authors can see what the end user will see.

From the contextual editor, authors can:

  • Define the attributes of a composition
  • Manage components, parameters, and variations for optimizing data
  • Manage enrichments for personalizing the experience

For information on how to add contextual editing to your app, see the Contextual editing guide.